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How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

There’s no doubt about it, long distance relationships are very difficult to maintain. Everyone who has ever tried can certainly attest to that.

They usually start out with daily phone calls, texts, etc. But more times than not, the enthusiasm gradually wears off as time goes on and the relationship fades.

At some point distrust and suspicion often sets in and just destroys the relationship completely.

So how do you make a long distance relationship work?

I found the article below that tells the story of a young lady who was in love with a military man and attempted to maintain a long distance relationship with him. Although things did not end perfectly for her, she does share some great first hand knowledge about how to make a long distance relationship work.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

I was young and head over heals for my military man. I was starting College and he was being shipped across the country. We would spend up to 8 months apart and 2 weeks together before he would then ship out again. There were many emotional up’s and downs in this relationship. Choosing to fight through them and be together although challenging presented us with a stronger ability to be close.

Some of the biggest challenges we faced in our relationship were:

  • Communication
  • Closeness
  • Trust

Many relationships suffer from these 3 challenges. What makes these even larger in a long distance relationship is the distance factor. When you are around someone everyday you have the body language along with conversation. You have the touch when you are sad or alone. You have a sense of trust because they are close by. With long distance relationships you must now rely on a new senses and styles to effectively keep these together.

It is not an impossible feat if you both are together. You now just have to adjust and learn them in a new way. When entering a long distance relationship you must be comfortable in accepting these new ways of being together. It is your comfort level that will ultimately determine how you will stay together.

In discussing some of these key factors and how we dealt with them it became clear to me that the keys to closeness and trust were in the communication. The root of a relationship is communication and it can only grow into closeness and trust if given the right attention. As long as both parties stay committed to the work it takes the relationship will have a fighting chance.

Since we could not see each other we relied a lot on phone conversations. The phone can present the influx in voice, silence, and a sense of being there with the person. During these phone conversations we talked about your events and things you have done. This will also contribute to our trust factors. Talking about your daily lives will give each other a sense of closeness that carries you through.

Since he was in the military we didn’t have much choice to but to communicate on the phone on few occasions. In this case we relied on other ways we communicate such as letters, pictures, and emails. We were constantly communicating even if at times it was a week or two between. We always picked up where we left off and that made communication that much easier.

This was years ago and with today’s technology it is even more optimal because you can now utilize many other options for communications. One big one to mention is webcams.

Closeness is felt in how you communicate with the other person. Seeing pictures and sending love letters via mail or email can be quite good. Often times when I was feeling alone and missing my man greatly I would sit and write him. I found that by telling him about my feelings and how much I missed him I was able to cope with my feelings.

When we were able to be together for a few short weeks we found that the closeness we developed in communicating made our time together wonderful.

This really is an important piece. Since you do not see this person regularly it is hard to know what they are doing. If you go a week or two between communications your mind can start to wander and think the worst. Trusting is something you choose to do and good communication and closeness will make that feeling stronger. By staying open about your daily lives in communication trust becomes easier to obtain.

Our relationship lasted 3 years long distance. I have known many that have lasted forever. All of them agree that the keys to long distance relationships are in the communication. Closeness and Trust come with the root of good communication. We parted on good terms and we both still care a great deal for each other. We just moved in different directions. It was that closeness and communication that enabled us to make that decision for us.

Melissa Aytche
Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Make-a-Long-Distance-Relationship-Work&id=1695610


There are a lot of situations that could force any of us into a long distance relationship situation, such as military duty (as in Melissa’s case), family responsibilities, job relocation, etc.

If you find yourself facing this challenge, you owe it to yourself to be as prepared as you can possibly be to maintain closeness in your relationship. Prepare yourself by learning real and proven techniques (not tricks) to nurture and preserve your relationship  Afterall, knowledge is power.

The video below is full of just this type of advice. I warn you, it’s a bit long, but the content is priceless. Just click the video to get started.

Click Here

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work



It’s sad to watch two people who are so obviously in love have to live so far apart. You can almost feel the angst and longing that they must feel for each other when they’re separated.

Unfortunately, these two people are susceptible to outside forces and temptations coming between them. Even time has a way of wearing on relationships. And when a couple is not able to see each other on a regular basis, there is a pretty good chance that they will grow apart.

I certainly hope that they are able to withstand those outside forces and hang on to what they have until their circumstances change and they are able to be together. They would be wise to get some good advice from a qualified person who can help them not only maintain, but grow their relationship.



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